In the process of developing local and regional economies, it is often necessary for organisations or stakeholders to change their role and their activities to improve developmental activities. This could be as simple as adapting a few new projects or activities to support ongoing processes, or it may require fundamental changes in the way organisations function and what they focus on.

Mesopartner is able to provide process consulting services to these organisations to assist them to develop a new perspective (or strategy) on their developmental activities, assist them to develop the human capacities to undertake new activities, and assist the organisation to implement development activities. This may require the development of new policies, strategies, knowledge systems and operational plans.

In other cases the organisational development is much simpler and requires an organisation to incorporate some new instruments or concepts into its work plans, or approach its work in a slightly different way. We have realised that even in these cases, the adoption of new methods and concepts should be recognised as a change process that must be managed and supported from beginning to end.