Mesopartner is a knowledge firm that specialises in economic development, competitiveness and innovation.

Are you interested in attending a five-day residential event on economic development?

Participants of the Mesopartner Summer Academy 2023 have the opportunity to join a special anniversary event on the last day of the Academy. Apply now

The Mesopartner Engagement series is about sharing progress on our research with practitioners who are also innovating in these topics. This will not be a training event but will be about method development and sharing experience.

The June event will be on promoting bottom-up green city strategies. Green city strategies in the EU and many developing countries are in the majority designed by external experts, specialized institutes and quantitative data-based information with the result that local actors are often not intensively involved, consequently also often feel not motivated to support the implementation of these city strategies. 

We from Mesopartner are gathering experience, developing our own initial bottom-up approaches and seeking exchange with other actors on possible levers to promote vivid and participatory climate-sensitive city initiatives. In the Mesopartner engagement, we want to exchange with other colleagues who are on the same search path and interested in jointly working on developing new formats. 

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Do you want to learn how to effectively promote Local Economic Development (LED) and Market Systems Development (MSD) in your project or location?

Join Mesopartner in Vietnam this September for a training event on a Systemic Approach to Local Economic and Market Systems Development.

The training will provide a comprehensive introduction to the two approaches and look at their commonalities and differences.

Participants will be able to choose a focus on either the MSD track or the LED track during the training, depending on their specific requirements and interest.

The training will equip you with frameworks and processes to face uncertainty and adaptively manage projects.

Join Mesopartner for this internation training event from 11 - 15 September in Hanoi, Vietnam. Visit the event page and find out all the information.

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2023. We invite you to share your reflection about how you interacted with us over these 20 years. 

Then as part of the survey, we will also ask you to share with us how your work in development is changing in the present. 

We are curious to hear from you about how our ideas have affected your work in development. This will also help us imagine our future and how we can continue working with our collaborators, clients and friends.

For this survey, we are using the narrative research instrument called Sensemaker. You will share a story, and then you will be guided through a few quick prompts to give meaning to your story. The survey is also available in Spanish and takes only 5 minutes to complete. We will share the results with our community in July.

For more information about Sensemaker and our experience with this research instrument, visit our new page on SenseMaker.

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