Over the years Mesopartner has built a reputation as a method developer with some widely applied instruments like PACA and Compass. Initially, Mesopartner developed these methods mainly for its own benefit. Over time it became apparent that our clients had a great need that we could meet by helping them to develop their own methods and instruments.

At the core of most development programmes is the need to develop systematic approaches to address certain issues or to implement certain activities. Very often solutions emerge in these programmes that are based on intuition and exploration rather than deductive thinking or a purposeful design process. We assist our clients to improve these methods by filling the gaps, and by creating frameworks that strengthen their own solutions. We have often assisted with the development of publications and capacity building material, and with the roll-out of capacity building.

In many other cases, we develop methods or instruments based on our own fieldwork experience. Because we travel between different locations and programmes, we benefit from being outsiders to most development processes, and thus in a good position to identify gaps that are not addressed by specific methods. Most of our recently-developed tools were created in cooperation with clients and published under the creative commons license.

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