The goal of the Summer Academy is to equip practitioners with the relevant knowledge and instruments to conduct organisational development, promote self-discovery and deepen interaction between the public and private sectors in Local Economic Development. The content combines analytical instruments and frameworks with process facilitation, programme design and organisational development.  

Session 1 - Understanding importance of different perspectives in local economic development 

Session 2 - How the Systemic Competitiveness framework can be used to assess the different types of organisations in local economic development processes, evaluate their role and effectiveness in responding to and shaping patterns of stakeholder interaction

Session 3 - The role of meso organisations in economic change, upgrading and local economic development

Session 4 - How the combination of industry lifecycles and institutional responsiveness affects the characteristics of regions

Session 5 - Assessing the structure and key characteristics of the local economy

Session 6 - Identifying different types of economic actors and understanding their role, relationships and effectiveness in responding to and shaping patterns of interaction and collaboration

Session 7 - Understanding the potential comparative and competitive advantages of the local economy

Session 8 - Understanding the history, trajectory and potential future alternatives of the territory and the role of meso organisations in creating options for change

Session 9 - Making a distinction between complicated issues that can be analysed, planned and project managed, and complex issues that must be explored, sensed and carefully tested

Session 10 - Designing a process of self-discovery, joint sense making, learning and adjustment for local economic development 

Session 11 - Focus on current themes in development that have an impact on local economic development, such as green economic development, innovation systems and technological change or quality infrastructure 

Session 12 - Designing and maintaining monitoring and evaluation systems that keeps track of progress, change and learning

Session 13 - Integrating top down policies and strategies with bottom up feedback and requirements through meso organisations -  bringing all the learning together in an holistic framework

The programme includes evening activities that are chosen for their relevance to the thematic content of the programme, and participants are expected to participate.

The evening programme also fosters networking and exchange of experience between the diverse participants.

Sunday evening: Welcome dinner at Hotel Grenzfall at 19:00
Monday evening: Sightseeing tour and dinner
Tuesday evening: Visit to an innovative organisation/location
Wednesday evening: Free evening
Thursday evening: Closing dinner