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Concept 1: What is a cluster?  
From now on, we will run parallel series on concepts, tools, cases, and specific issues. This is the first episode under 'concepts'. It addresses the topic of 'clusters' -- what are they, and why are they such in an issue in the context of local economic development?  
Concept 2: Local enabling environment  
In this episode, we present a conversation that was recorded at Mesopartner's Summer Academy on Local Economic Development. Jim Tanburn shares his views on the topic of "local enabling environment" -- what it is, and what can be done to promote it. Jim is an international consultant who specialises in private sector development. He also administrates the Donor Committee's website.  
Concept 3: Business Retention and Expansion  
Gerry Delaney, a South African LED consultant, explains the main features of the Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) approach to LED.  
Concept 4: Social Capital  
Peter Knorringa (ISS, The Hague) explains what social capital is and how it can be addressed in LED.  
Concept 5: One stop shops  
Christian Schoen interviews David Walke on the subject of business registration. David explains the do's and don'ts in the introduction of one stop shops.  
Concept 6: Market failure  
Shawn Cunningham and Jorg Meyer-Stamer discuss the issue of market failure: What is it? How can you address it? And how does it relate to other modes of organising economic transactions?  
Concept 7: Systemic competitiveness  
Shawn Cunningham and Jorg Meyer-Stamer discuss the origin and main messages of the concept of Systemic Competitiveness, an approach that helps in formulating a holistic perspective of a local economy.  
Concept 8: Change management  
Jorg Meyer-Stamer and Grant McKenzie discuss what lessons Change Management has to offer for territorial development.  
Concept 9: Competition and competitiveness  
Shawn and Jorg discuss why some people are uncomfortable with the notion of competition, what the upside and downside of competition is, and how to become competitive.  

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