A 3-Day Training for International Organisations, Business Associations, Consultants and Policymakers

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1 - 3 October 2024

Frankfurt/ Main, Germany

This 3-day training will cover various global quality infrastructure development topics, including trade, innovation, sustainability, and digitalisation. The training will focus on demand-driven QI development.

The training will examine changes in global trade and explore the role of metrology, standardisation, accreditation, conformity assessment, technical regulations, and market surveillance in promoting sustainable and inclusive development. Special attention will be given to the opportunities and challenges of emerging and developing economies.

The target audience for this training is the staff of international organisations, development consultants and policymakers in trade and economic development. The training will give participants the knowledge and skills to analyse and promote quality infrastructure systems.

The trainers are partners of Mesopartner, a leading consultancy in systemic competitiveness and sustainable development. Mesopartner works within the framework of international development cooperation for the leading support organisations, programmes, and projects focusing on quality and standards (including PTB, ITC, ILO, UNIDO and the World Bank). The relevant consulting experience includes analysing national quality infrastructure systems, designing national quality policies and assessing quality requirements in value chains in a participatory way.

Overall, the training aims to equip participants with the tools and strategies needed to make a difference in sustainable development through investments in quality infrastructure.