Mesopartner Annual Reflection 2018

In this annual reflection the reader will find discussions on the roles and relevance of meso organisations in the context of specific concepts, tools and insig ... >>

Global value chains, systemic competitiveness and territorial endogeneity – methodological notes and relevance to economic policy

In this article I briefly discuss the powerful methodological foundation provided by the global value chain, systemic competitiveness and territorial endogeneit ... >>

Mesopartner @ Work

Market and Funding Analysis in Vietnam CARE International (CI) has maintained a presence in Vietnam since 1989 and established a positive reputation with numer ... >>

Facilitation and Change of Meso Organisations

This article reflects on selected experiences gained from the project Competitive Regional Economic Development (CREDO) in Krajina, funded by the Swedish Develo ... >>

Upcoming events

Harnessing the power of complexity in development

Starting in September 2018, Mesopartner & Narrate present an extended, unique expedition through complexity approaches to enhance agile, adaptive and appropriate work in dynamic and uncertain ... >>

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