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1. Pro-poor Tourism and Local Economic Development  
Christian Schoen interviews Jonathan Mitchell about the relationship between the pro-poor tourism approach and local economic development.  
2. The three meanings of facilitation in LED  
The three meanings of facilitation in LED are facilitating a learning experience, a workshop or meeting, and an LED process. We discuss what often goes wrong in facilitation, and what to do about it.  
3. Reflecting on the first dozen episodes  
With this episode we complete the first dozen. We take this as an occasion to reflect on our learning process, and to discuss some of the comments that we received from listeners.  
4. Natasha Walker on facilitation - part 1 of 2  
Shawn Cunningham interviews Natasha Walker on the essence of facilitation. During the conversation they share some practical tips and also agree on many pet hates. The issues discussed range from dealing with so-called difficult participants, balancing the role of facilitator and expert, and…  
5. LED as a process  
We discuss why LED needs to be conceptualised as a process. It is crucial to build credibility, trust, confidence and creativity. An LED process is a learning process. It is also, unfortunately for external donors, somewhat unpredictable.  
6. Natasha Walker on facilitation - part 2 of 2  
This is the 2nd part of the interview between Shawn Cunningham and Natasha Walker on facilitation.  
7. LED in South Africa  
We discuss the evolution of LED in South Africa.  
8. LED in four types of regions  
In this programme, we discuss four different types of locations and the possible approaches to LED in each of them.  
9. LED in industrialised and developing countries  
In industrialised countries, LED has been practised for decades, whereas in developed countries it is a fairly recent phenomenon. Current practice in industrialised countries is the result of extensive learning-by-doing and trial-and-error processes. Practitioners in developing countries who want…  
10. LED at the ILO  
Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke of Mesopartner, interviews Martin Gasser of the ILO's International Training Center about the ILO's approach to LED.  
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