Dear Summer Academy participant,

We are looking forward to having you at the Academy in Berlin. This page is specially created for you to prepare for your week with us. 

Preparation before your trip

  • Reading list
  • Event information and travel tips

Preparation during the event

  • Monday morning photo introduction
  • Select your dinners
  • Prepare for your free Wednesday afternoon (and evening)
  • Select your Thursday elective topics
  • Mesopartner books

The Academy has an extensive programme, and we would like you to benefit the most from the training. For you to prepare, we have listed some reading material below. Our most recent annual reflections provide comprehensive background reading for the academy. We recommend you read the first readings before the Academy. For the enthusiast, we have compiled further reading, which is optional. 

Recommended reading

Further reading (Optional)

Please read the practical event information and travel tips document before the Summer Academy.

  • The Academy starts Sunday at 19:00 with an opening dinner and finishes Friday at around 15:30.
  • As part of the learning experience, except Wednesday night, we will go on excursions every evening of the Academy.
  • Directions & address of Hotel Grenzfall
  • Video on how to use public transport in Berlin

Below is a checklist for preparing for the Academy:

  • Ensure you have a valid visa
  • Complete the online logistics questionnaire to ensure your accommodation booking is correct.
  • The final payment is due 5 June 2023
  • Upload your two photos for the first-day introduction (see explanation further down)
  • Read the recommended reading material in preparation for the Academy.

To prepare for the Summer Academy, please send us two photos. 

  1. The first photo should show you in a typical work situation, such as at your desk, in a training room, or the field. 
  2. The second photo should show a favourite intervention you have been personally involved in (and can provide more details). Favourite can refer to success, impact, unique or novel tools and methods applied, a severe problem faced, great insights gained or something you are trying to understand better.

By doing so, we can use these photos during our group introduction on Monday morning to help everyone understand your work and environment. Additionally, the intervention photos will be used to propose a few case studies to facilitate learning during the Summer Academy by drawing on real examples from the field. 

Please upload your photos by 21 June.

We have planned an amazing evening programme for you. To ensure you get your dinners quickly, we have created preselection forms so you can select your dinners for the first two nights of the Academy.

You can review the restaurant website, view the menu, and indicate your meal selection here:

Monday dinner selection
Tuesday dinner selection 

On Wednesday, you will have a free afternoon with an optional meetup for dinner. This is the perfect opportunity for you to explore the sights of Berlin or do some shopping. Please be aware that some tourist attractions require pre-booking. Therefore, we advise you to decide what you want to see beforehand and book it online. There are plenty of websites and YouTube videos that offer excellent suggestions on what to do in Berlin. 

Wednesday evening dinner 
For dinner on Wednesday evening, you have the option to join us at 19:00, and we'll cover the cost. Since it stays light until late in Germany, you are welcome to continue your sightseeing or shopping and get your own dinner. Please complete this form if you'd like us to reserve a seat for you. You can make your decision and complete the form by Wednesday morning at the academy.

Topic selection form will be published in June.

We will have a limited number of some of our books at a reduced price at the Academy.

Value Chain Promotion, Dr Jörg Meyer-Stamer  €10,00 
Building competitive rural locations, Dr Jörg Meyer-Stamer  €15,00 
Creating Prosperous Towns, Dr Jörg Meyer-Stamer  €15,00 
Milestones in a process of innovation, change & development, Edited by Mesopartner  €15,00 
Understanding Market Failure in an economic development context, Dr Shawn Cunningham  €8,00