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Chris Corrigan: in our most creative moments, we feel invited into working together. We published another episode of the Systemic Insight Podcast (Episode 9). In this episode of the podcast, Marcus Jenal talked with Chris Corrigan. Chris is a facilitator and an expert in complexity-sensitive facilitation techniques.

Marcus is welcoming back Dr Toby Lowe to the show! The Covid-19 crisis has hit the world and so many things have changed in the short time since we talked to Toby last. Particularly, ideas on complexity and systems thinking have suddenly gained a lot of traction as people realise that the world is indeed an uncertain place and the certainty that we imagined to be in, pre-crisis, was not to last forever. Marcus discusses with Toby how this plays out in the world of social interventions, which has many parallels with the world of international development, as we found out in the last episode.


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