Thank you for registering for the three-day training on Quality Infrastructure in a Changing World. We look forward to having you in Frankfurt from 30 September to 2 October.

Here are a few preparation links for you to do before the event:

The Quality Infrastructure in a Changing World event is not an entry-level QI training. Please familiarise yourself with the topic of QI by completing the following free online QI course before the training event.

The PTB Quality Infrastructure for Sustainable Development (QuISP) blended training course is available on the GIZ Atingi e-learning platform. It is called "Quality Infrastructure - An Introduction" and is divided into the modules "QI Basics", "The Elements of QI", and "Organizing an Effective QI". After registering with Atingi, each learner can participate in this course at their own pace and receive a certificate upon successful completion. If you are already registered on Atingi, you can access the course directly via this link.

Here are the steps to register for the course:

  1. create a profile at Atingi (at Access is free of charge)
  2. find the course in the catalogue (it is called "Quality Infrastructure - An Introduction" and can be found, for example, in the category "Entrepreneurship" or "Governance")
  3. possibly enrol (self-enrolment, i.e. you can do this yourself at the touch of a button). The course is then available to you.

Here is the GIZ Atingi privacy policy: Policies and agreements | atingi.

Other online resources:

Quality Infrastructure for Development - QI4D Blog
UNIDO online course
Mesopartner Quality Infrastructure Research Page
Meseopartner Quality Infrastructure Topic Page

If you need to apply for a Schengen Visa to attend the training in Frankfurt, Germany, Mesopartner can assist you with an invitation letter for your visa application. Please contact Annelien if you require an invitation letter.

The training will take place at the mainhaus Stadthotel in Frankfurt, Germany. Here is the Google Map link to find the hotel.

The hotel is reserving a limited number of rooms for our event participants. You can make use of this offer at 135 euros per night, with breakfast included. If you wish to stay at the mainhaus Stadthotel in Frankfurt, kindly mention it on your registration form. We will reserve your accommodation for you, and you can make the payment directly to the hotel.

You are welcome to make your own booking by contacting them at +49 (0) 69 299 060 or email at

Please complete a short event preparation questionnaire to specify your preferences during the event.

Day 1: Monday, 30 September, 08:30 - 17:00

Understand the systemic nature of QI & how it relates to the other development fields

Day 2: Tuesday, 1 October, 08:30 - 17:00

Discover the unique characteristics of a QI system with a special focus on the needs of the end-user

18:00 Group Dinner

Day 3: Wednesday, 2 October, 08:30 - 17:00

Shaping the system from where you are
Connecting QI to the whole economy
Join a global QI community