Christian has over 26 years experience in Local and Regional Economy Development, Value Chain Development and improving business enabling environment. He has been involved in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating economic development projects in Europe, Africa and Asia for various development organisations and donors. Christian has worked as intermittent team leader of different development programs in Vietnam and has built capacity of international and national consultants, national project staff and counterparts all over Southeast Asia during the last 16 years. 

Main fields of expertise

  • Local and regional economic development
  • Value chain and cluster development
  • Business/investment climate surveys and competitiveness rankings
  • Pro-poor approaches to economic development
  • Green economic development
  • Program and project evaluations
  • Quality Infrastructure
  • Market Systems Development

Working experience

2003: Founding partner of Mesopartner
2002-2003: Freelance consultant
2001-2002: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V., Jakarta (Indonesia), PERISKOP project coordinator and senior consultant 
1999-2000: Fraunhofer Management GmbH, Munich (Germany), senior consultant 
1992-1999: Dorsch Consult Ingenieurgesellschft mbH, Munich (Germany), consultant 

Working experience in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Personal background

Born 1965, MA in economics (Munich 1991)

Christian is based in Hanoi, Vietnam since 2008

You can reach me via E-Mail and request a CV.




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