The Mesopartner team consists of partners and associates spread around the world. In this programme we will draw on this diverse network to deliver content that is applicable to and representative of many different realities.

The trainers are:

Christian Schoen - Based in Vietnam, working in Asia on a diverse range of private sector development topics such as regional competitiveness and trade, quality infrastructure, territorial economic development, value chain development, enabling business environment, climate-smart governance and green economic development.

Frank Waeltring - Based in Germany, working in Germany, Europe and internationally on network building with humans and organizations on issues like green urban and economic development, promotion of value chain networks, cluster development, rural-urban development linkages and the initiation of local innovation initiatives.

Marcus Jenal -  Based in the UK, Marcus is accompanying organisations and teams to make sense of and take meaningful action in complex and dynamic environments. He combines an understanding of complex systems dynamics with a deep appreciation of the value of human interaction and relationship.

Dr Shawn Cunningham - Working from South Africa. Shawn is supporting organisations to strengthen their role in innovation systems. He is passionate about enabling Meso organisations to become more effective, pro-active and resilient in their evolving socio-economic systems. He coaches leaders and teams to be more confident in their actions despite uncertainty and complexity.

Dr Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke - Consultant in sustainable development for multiple organisations worldwide, focusing on territorial development strategies, trade facilitation and national policy advice. Particular interest in co-creation, dialogue and circular economy.

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