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Reimagining Territorial Economic Development

The last two years have changed perceptions and perspectives for individuals and organisations worldwide. Mesopartner was not able to conduct their annual Summer Academy (SAC) during 2020 and 2021. The world and our way of work have changed in these two years. We started to change our relations with our partners and clients, supporting them mainly online.  At the same time, we also have become more aware of the changing contexts and how to integrate these changes into our way of promoting territorial economic and private sector development.

With our 2021 online dialogue series “Reimagining Place,” we started reimagining economic development at a territorial level: not as providing solutions for problems, but as investing in a flow of human interaction and imagination that includes all aspects of life like life quality; sustainable development; technology and knowledge development; and also art, culture, health, and other less typical aspects that play into attractive and liveable places. And we asked ourselves: who would need to be part of such a process?

Based on our experiences in the last years, we decided that the theme of our Summer Academy 2022 will be Reimagining Territorial Economic Development. We want to integrate the different contexts, perspectives Mesopartner has explored during recent years and especially during the COVID-19 crisis. We are all learning to live in this new reality, so we see this Academy as a co-creation space. We invite participants to share their experiences and integrate these into the overall learning experience.

The Summer Academy will link several topics, including

  • Technological change and its relevance for private sector development.
  • Making use of synergies between territorial economic development and sustainability transitions.
  • Involvement of new kinds of stakeholders for identifying new sustainable economic development perspectives and opportunities. 
  • The increasing importance of a diverse network of meso organisations to reimagine economic development.
  • The changing role of external consultants like Mesopartner and their remote support, and the local experts' and meso organisation’s increasing responsibility in guiding the development processes.
  • Using Quality Infrastructure to cope with the economic impacts of the pandemic.
  • The importance of human-human and human-environment relationships in taking a holistic and systemic approach to territorial economic development.
  • Integrating dialogue and other formats to jointly widen what can be imagined so we can enhance and diversify the options for sustainable development.

The key cornerstones of the SAC will remain. The week will provide an action-oriented, bottom-up and systemic approach to territorial development. The SAC will again be oriented towards practitioners. The provision of analytical frameworks, methodologies, and tools will provide entry points to make a difference in a place.

To reimagine place or reimagine Territorial Economic Development is highly relevant. At the same time, it is a continuous process and in its early stages. With our contributions and those from engaged participants, we are sure that it will again become an exciting event.

Be part of it. Come to Berlin!

The Summer Academy is accompanied by evening excursions. They will give an impression of how the process of "Reimagining Territorial Economic Development" is already being explored in Germany, using Berlin as an example.


Date: 4 - 8 July 2022
Hotel Grenzfall, Berlin, Germany

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Annelien Cunningham is the event organiser. If you have any questions regarding the Summer Academy, please contact her on iMessageWhatsApp, email, or Skype.


"Mesopartner speaks fluent territorial economic development language. The Summer Academy is a high-quality resource for economic development experts and practitioners to enrich their vocabulary and grammar of this language. Highly recommended!"
Yuri Tretyak, Senior Technical Team Leader, Regional Development in Policy and Action Team
U-LEAD with Europe Programme Ukraine

"It was great pleasure participating at the academy! Thanks to all for a great week of enjoyment, knowledge sharing, learning and sightseeing. Excellent moderation and organization makes the academy unforgettable! Thanks Mesopartners!"
Dr Fisnik Reçica, Deputy Project Manager
Swisscontact Kosovo

"Highly recommended! The perfect mix of interesting instruments, learning and group dynamics, discussions and complementary activities."
Verena Egetemeir, Project Manager
Dinámica Plataforma Chile

"Mesopartner Summer Academy is a 5-days event in Berlin organized by a group of brilliant lecturers (and practitioners) from Mesopartner, which also means from all over the world. Topics change on yearly basis, but some of main approaches stay every year, like Systemic Competitiveness, Complexity or stress on meso level/supporting organizations in local economic development. Besides cutting edge knowledge and tools for practitioners on economy-related matters, it’s also an example how such an event should be organized and moderated: A lot of knowledge shared, using good moderation and lecturing tools, in a great environment with just right amount of sightseeing and relaxation moments." Read a blog report on Summer Academy 2018 
Pavle Miovčić, Researcher and moderator
Eda Bosnia and Herzegovina