***Este evento de formación es sólo en inglés***

The annual Summer Academy of Mesopartner targets professionals who have already collected some experience in designing, implementing and facilitating economic development processes and building team capacity.

The Mesopartner Summer Academy will help you to deepen your understanding of systemic economic change processes and enable you to better guide your organisation or project to shape that process.

Due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, we will not have a Summer Academy training event in 2020. The 2021 event will be held in Berlin, Germany, from 5 to 9 July. Apply now and ensure your space.

Why we focus on territories

Territories are becoming more and more central to economic development efforts. Developing countries are facing many challenges and increasing change, in but also beyond major cities and towns. Globalisation has increased the mobility of goods, people and ideas. As a consequence, keeping and further building tacit knowledge in a location and encouraging continuous local learning is becoming more important, as they create a dynamic locational advantage.

Many programmes that focus on specific sectors or market systems recognise that there is a need to better understand the local dynamics in the intervention areas. These areas need to be strengthened so they can support markets to emerge and become competitive. 

Where we put our emphasis

In our work and training, we put a specific emphasis on the emergence and adaptation of meso organisations and their central role in the economic development. Our training will further explore the importance of the social and cultural environment on the effectiveness and competitiveness of a territorial economy. It will discuss the role of development programmes in territorial development processes.

Why you should attend

For more than 16 years, Mesopartner has gathered experience in the field of economic development around the world. The Summer Academy 2020 will build on this experience. This experience will be enhanced by bringing in insights from the on-going involvement of Mesopartner in research activities that look at cutting edge thinking in economic development, complexity thinking and decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.

At the Summer Academy, participants are introduced to Mesopartner’s approach to Local Economic Development (LED), which brings together experiences and instruments from Local and Regional Economic Development (LRED), Bottom Up Industrial Policy, Innovation Systems, Complexity Thinking and Market System Development.

Who should attend

The programme is dense and is aimed at development practitioners with diverse experience in working on private sector development using different instruments and approaches such as Value Chain Development, Clusters Development, Local and Regional Economic Development, or Market Systems Development. This programme will be especially relevant for professionals working on strengthening development organisations, backstopping teams in the field or those practitioners involved in improving the economic dynamics and economic performance of regions, industries or clusters.

Bring your team

We encourage organisations to send small groups (3 to 5 members) to the Summer Academy to get the opportunity to use their own case during the exercises. The group will benefit from different perspectives from all trainers, exchange with and learn from other practitioners. The group will have the opportunity to be mentored individually for up to 2 hours on the Wednesday afternoon and to receive remote support for up to two hours after the Academy.

Date: 5 - 9 July 2021
Hotel Grenzfall, Berlin, Germany

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To participate in our Summer Academy, complete our online application form.

Early bird discount fee available until 15 April 2021.

We also offer an alumni discount and encourage teams to join. Read more

Do you have any questions? Chat to us on WhatsApp

Annelien Cunningham is the event organiser. If you have any questions regarding the Summer Academy, please contact her on WhatsApp, email, or Skype.

"Mesopartner speaks fluent territorial economic development language. The Summer Academy is a high-quality resource for economic development experts and practitioners to enrich their vocabulary and grammar of this language. Highly recommended!"
Yuri Tretyak, Senior Technical Team Leader, Regional Development in Policy and Action Team
U-LEAD with Europe Programme Ukraine

"It was great pleasure participating at the academy! Thanks to all for a great week of enjoyment, knowledge sharing, learning and sightseeing. Excellent moderation and organization makes the academy unforgettable! Thanks Mesopartners!"
Dr Fisnik Reçica, Deputy Project Manager
Swisscontact Kosovo

"Highly recommended! The perfect mix of interesting instruments, learning and group dynamics, discussions and complementary activities."
Verena Egetemeir, Project Manager
Dinámica Plataforma Chile

"Mesopartner Summer Academy is a 5-days event in Berlin organized by a group of brilliant lecturers (and practitioners) from Mesopartner, which also means from all over the world. Topics change on yearly basis, but some of main approaches stay every year, like Systemic Competitiveness, Complexity or stress on meso level/supporting organizations in local economic development. Besides cutting edge knowledge and tools for practitioners on economy-related matters, it’s also an example how such an event should be organized and moderated: A lot of knowledge shared, using good moderation and lecturing tools, in a great environment with just right amount of sightseeing and relaxation moments." Read a blog report on Summer Academy 2018 
Pavle Miovčić, Researcher and moderator
Eda Bosnia and Herzegovina