Mesopartner @ TCI Conference

Mesopartner attended and contributed to the 18th Global TCI Conference that took place in Daegu, South Korea from the 3rd to the 6th of November. The theme of t ... >>

Mesopartner @ work

Promoting a more exploration-based approach vs. planning-based approach to regional economic development in Uzbekistan In October 2015, Mesopartner (Frank Wael ... >>

Promoting bottom-up industrial and innovation policy in developing countries

This article draws on our experience in promoting innovation systems in developing countries. An innovation system goes beyond the innovative behaviour of indiv ... >>

Upcoming events

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2016

Our 12th International Mesopartner Summer Academy will again take place in the exciting city of Berlin, Germany. Save the date now to participate in this international capacity-building event. 4 - 8 ... >>

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