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From Central Planning Economic Development Perspectives to Regional Bottom-up Economic Analysis in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan is facing the economic and political c ... >>

Mesopartner Summer Academy video

Watch our Summer Academy video on YouTube Attend Mesopartner Summer Academy 2018, that will focus on the role of meso organisations in Territori ... >>

Assessment of meso organisations for opportunities for improvement

Meso organisations are established to promote economic development and improve competitiveness of a region by responding to a variety of permanent and temporary ... >>

How to identify meso organisations?

Although it is quite easy to find enterprises in most locations and industries, it is sometimes harder to find meso organisations that provide key technological ... >>

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Expert capacity building by Mesopartner

Save the date - Mesopartner Summer Academy 2018 will take place from 2 - 6 July 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Early bird registrations now open. Visit our Summer Academy website for all the event informati ... >>

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