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Breakfast presentation with Prof Dave Snowden On the 21st of August, Mesopartner in collaboration with the Aluminium Federation of South Africa (AFSA) and Cog ... >>

Developing a territorial economy: what do we need to get right?

Whenever territorial authorities or an external development organisation or both in cooperation embark on an attempt to strengthen a local economy, some essenti ... >>

We are excited to announce that Marcus Jenal joined Mesopartner as a Partner. Over the last years Marcus has closely collaborated with Mesopartner as an associa ... >>

Upcoming events

Latin American Academy on Innovation for Inclusive Territorial Development

This year Mesopartner will bring its popular Academy back to Latin America to serve the Spanish speaking audience. The Academy will take place from September 28th to October 2nd in Lima, Peru. For  ... >>

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2016

Our 12th International Mesopartner Summer Academy will again take place in the exciting city of Berlin, Germany. Save the date now to participate in this international capacity-building event. 4 - 8 ... >>

18th TCI Global Conference

Cluster in the Creative Economy. New Agendas for Companies and Policy Makers >>

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