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New Mesopartner publication The German Eco-system for start-up promotion: New trends in incubation, technology promotion and business angel networks   G ... >>

Understanding the effect of complexity on our instruments and tools

In its early years, Mesopartner developed a reputation for a portfolio of simple-to-use analytical tools that were grouped into methodologies, such as PACA, RAL ... >>

Life cycles of LED paradigms in the last 50 years

For many decades we have been reflecting on how to address economic development in general and Local Economic Development (LED) in particular. Constantly changi ... >>

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Summer Academy 2013

11th Mesopartner Summer Academy 2015

Annual international training event Venue: Berlin, Germany Date: 5 - 10 July 2015 Number of participants: 30 We will upload the complete event information soon. If you are interested in atten ... >>

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