Approaching Mesopartner themes in a complexity-sensitive way

Whenever Mesopartner combines contract work with significant action research, we call such a working area a “theme”. Taking complexity into account introduces a ... >>

Mesopartner @ work

Synthesis and Evaluation Workshop on LED Christian Schoen facilitated a 2-day workshop at Mekong Institute (MI) in Thailand on the assessment of localized LED  ... >>

Mesopartner starts the year in Pretoria

Mesopartner would like to wish all our clients an exciting and peaceful 2015. This year our partnership started with the 5th annual strategic meeting in Pretor ... >>

Upcoming events
Summer Academy 2013

11th Mesopartner Summer Academy 2015

Summer Academy on Territorial Economic Development Download our interactive pdf brochure The annual Summer Academy of Mesopartner has become an important capacity-building event for economic develop ... >>

Dr Jörg Meyer-Stamer Scholarship

The 6th Scholarship application deadline is 31 March 2015. Visit the Dr Jörg Meyer-Stamer Scholarship website for more information on the Sholarship. The application procedure can be found here. ... >>

18th TCI Global Conference

Cluster in the Creative Economy. New Agendas for Companies and Policy Makers >>

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