Facilitation in Territorial Economic Development

The development of territories is a complex, dynamic and continuous process, where past successes or failures are not necessarily predictive of future outcomes. ... >>

Territorial Economic Development in conflict zones (Badghis, Afghanistan)

Is there a role for market-focused approaches to territorial economic development (TED) in highly insecure, conflict-ridden situations? If there is, what change ... >>

Mesopartner @ work

Mesopartner visits German National Metrology Institute, Physikalisch-Technische On Tuesday, June 29 Mesopartner visited the German Metrology Institute/ Physik ... >>

Upcoming events

Mesopartner Summer Academy 2017

We are planning our Summer Academy 2017 from 3 - 7 July 2017 in Berlin, Germany. We will have more event information available on our website from early 2017. In the meantime, please save the d ... >>

TCI 2016 Global Conference

8 to 10 November 2016: Brainport Eindhoven Region (The Netherlands) lives and breathes clusters and economic competitiveness. At THE event of the year the worldwide network gathers to discuss economic ... >>

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