Designing and monitoring change initiatives to tackle complex problems

When tasked with designing and monitoring change initiatives in complex contexts, we are facing particular challenges that we cannot tackle with conventional ap ... >>

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Green Learning Visit to Berlin and Brandenburg with GIZ-Delegation from the Philippines Who supports the Energy revolution (Energiewende) in Germany? What is  ... >>

Complexity – what’s the fuss?

In our work in international development we face different kinds of problems. Some are relatively easy to solve, and others have proved difficult to tackle. Man ... >>

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The Resilient Organisation – A workshop with Dave Snowden

Increasingly today organisations face unforeseen and unforeseeable circumstances.  Old certainties are challenged and there is little or no time to respond.  Social media allow ideas to go v ... >>

Cynefin in IT Leadership: A seminar with Dave Snowden

The Cynefin framework is one of the leading sense-making tools for Management, built a foundation of complex adaptive systems theory. It provides a pragmatic means to recognise that different types of ... >>

Culture and change through the lens of complexity – A seminar with Dave Snowden

In dealing with organisational design and change we are starting to realise that we are dealing with a complex ecology of different histories, perspectives and needs that can not be readily engineered ... >>

Summer Academy 2013

11th Mesopartner Summer Academy 2015

Our 10th International Mesopartner Summer Academy was held from the 7th to the 11th of July in Berlin. We had 24 participants from 13 different countries. Our theme was systemic economic development.  ... >>

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