What is the role of place? Mesopartner has teamed up with a group of friends to organise a dialogue series that brings together a diverse group of people who are interested in embarking with us on a journey to reimagine the role of place in development. Join us for the Reimagining Place dialogue series!

Mesopartner has a long history in supporting place-based development. As a firm, we have developed a widely used approach to Local and Regional Economic Development. Place has always played an important role for us as we believe sub-national territories are central to all development efforts.

Yet places are always made up of the communities that live in them. And the reality in places is continuously changing. Healthy and vital relationships between people and shared practices within a community provide the metaphorical soil out of which enriching and nourishing initiatives can grow. These initiatives help the community to thrive and make their places more friendly and liveable.
The question at the heart of this journey is: How can we contribute to the vitality and vibrancy of the places and communities we live and work in?

You are invited to embark with us on this journey to reimagine the role of community and place in development.

The dialogue series consists of five online conversations of 90 minutes each. The process is built on the concept of Warm Data and the connected People Need People process. Warm Data has been developed by Nora Bateson of the International Bateson Institute (IBI). The people delivering Reimagining Place have all been trained by the IBI to host such Warm Data processes and have a long-standing record of experiences of working with and in communities.

The events are taking place on Zoom on 2, 4, 9, 11 and 29 November 2021, always 14.00 to 15.30 CET. You should be able to commit to taking part in all events.

We ask each participant for a contribution of EUR 60. We are able to offer some scholarships if this contribution makes it impossible for you to join.