LED - An Overview May 17, 2018

By:Marcus Jenal

As part of it’s support for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s (SDC) employment and income (e+i) network, Marcus Jenal of ... more

Rapid Market Assessment of Responsible Tourism in Vietnam 2017 October 11, 2017

By:Christian Schoen

In order to assess the feasibility of a possible future project ‘Responsible Tourism and Competitiveness in Vietnam’ envisaged by the Swiss ... more

Knowledge, Technologies and Innovation for Development in the Agenda 2030: Revisiting Germany's Contribution August 16, 2017

By:Dr Shawn Cunningham, Frank Waeltring

The discussion paper by Dr Shawn Cunningham & Frank Waeltring is available. The paper was commissioned by the GIZ Sector project ... more

Rethinking systemic change: economic evolution and institutions July 26, 2017

By:Dr Shawn Cunningham & Marcus Jenal

In this work, we question the utility of the concept of systemic change in market systems development as it is currently used and suggest that we need a rethink. Systems continuously change and evolve, also without external development actors. The aim of development must be to enhance the ... more

Quality Infrastructure November 24, 2010

By:Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke

The Relevance of Quality Infrastructure to Promote Innovation Systems in Developing Countries more

Moderne Industriepolitik oder postmoderne Industriepolitiken? July 10, 2009

By:Dr. Jörg Meyer-Stamer

Paper in German Language on Modern Industrial Policy more

Genesis Brochure February 24, 2009

A brief overview of the Genesis method more

Assessing the Applicability of Privat Sector Development Instruments in Agricultural Economic Development June 01, 2007

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer

gtz publication more

Promotion of Technology and Innovation in the Context of “Sustainable Economic Development” March 01, 2007

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer

gtz publication more

Linking Value Chain Analysis and the “Making Markets work better for the Poor” Concept February 01, 2007

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer, Frank Wältring

At first glance, the “Making Market Systems Work Better for the Poor” approach (M4P) and the value chain approach appear to be incompatible. However, a closer look reveals that the M4P literature paints a differentiated picture of markets, which is informed by the analysis of real markets, ... more

Making market systems work? For the poor? December 01, 2006

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer

Published in Small Enterprise Development, Vol. 17, December 2006, No. 4 more

Planning or Doing Local Economic Development? January 01, 2006

By:Shawn Cunningham, Jörg Meyer-Stamer

The Problems with the Orthodox Approach to LED more