The Fundamentals of Innovation System Promotion for Development Practitioners August 20, 2012

By:Dr. Shawn Cunningham

This book introduces the fundamental principles of understanding, diagnosing and improving innovation systems. The book is not about innovation ... more

Reducing Red Tape February 17, 2012

By:Shawn Cunningham and Mattia Wegmann

This book is a collaboration between Mattia Wegmann and Shawn Cunningham. It is a practical book on how local stakeholders can identify and ... more

Genesis handbook April 26, 2009

Conceptual background and step-to-step instruction of the Genesis method

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The Compass Manual November 20, 2008

The Compass of Local Competitiveness is a tool for monitoring, strategising and action planning in territorial development. This manual is work in progress. Please share your impressions and experiences with us!  more

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PACA Book of Checklists October 01, 2008

The PACA Book of Checklists contains checklists and detailed step-by-step instructions that explain how to do run a successful PACA Exercise.  more

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How to conduct a PACA October 01, 2008

The volume contains a narrative explanation of how to apply the PACA method. It takes you through all the steps from the build-up through the fieldwork and to action planning.  more

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The LED Café Manual February 24, 2005


The LED Café is a robust format to engage a large group of people (anywhere between 30 and several hundred) in a conversation on LED. It is particularly useful at an early stage of an LED process.  To order a printed version, please click here.  more