There is a wider recognition that development interventions need to become more systemic and complexity-sensitive if they are to overcome the big challenges faced by many developing countries. Finding more systemic intervention points is becoming more important. Interventions have to be more sensitive to the complexity of the societies where they want to see positive change happening.

Systemic Insight is an approach and learning theme of Mesopartner. Over the last few years, we have engaged in a number of research initiatives and have been doing self-funded research to advance this topic. We have also been supporting projects to make sense of systemic change and become better at assessing their effect on the systems they work in.

As part of our work,

  • we developed the Systemic Insight process logic to guide organisations and teams through processes of continuous exploration and change;
  • we have done an extensive literature review and developed a set of principles for systemic change for market system development. This was part of a research project funded by DFID via the BEAM Exchange implemented in collaboration with the Institute of Development Studies and Itad; and
  • we have worked with a number of projects to develop systemic change frameworks that guide them in implementation strategy and monitoring.

More on the theory and application of Systemic Insight can be found on the dedicated Systemic Insight website. On that website, we are also posting regular updates in the form of knowledge modules, we have a reading list pointing to various papers and books on the topic. Our aim with is to provide you with both the theoretical background you need to understand the approach and with the necessary instructions for you to use the approach.

We see Systemic Insight as an organic and evolving field of knowledge around systemic change, not something that is finished and can be published. We are applying it in our daily work. Still, we keep improving and adjusting as we go along.

We always appreciate your feedback, comments, and experiences, which enable us to keep improving. We are also always looking for partners on this journey towards a better understanding of systemic change.

Sense-making is the process by which people give meaning to their collective experiences and the world around them through mental models, heuristics, and stories among other means.

Watch a Systemic Innovation event "Sensemaking in a complex world" with Marcus Jenal and Sonja Blignaut discussing the intersection of systems thinking, complexity, and futures.

If you would like to engage us on this topic, please email Dr Shawn Cunningham.

Systemic Insight - Managing Complexity in Economic Development Website

Systemic Insight - Podcast

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