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11. Improving the resilience in the meso space  
Improving the resilience in the meso space Over the past few years, Mesopartner has been working on different topics in its meso research theme. We have collaborated closely with our clients, fellow researchers and policy makers to develop and experiment with different ideas in an iterative way, constantly switching between research, application and reflection. The theme has settled around four…  
12. Improving the resolution of the meso layer: a case study  
Improving the resolution of the meso layer: a case study When working to improve the performance of any sector or value chain, we often find a range of meso organisations or programmes designed to support upgrading, skills development and better decision making in small businesses in the targeted sector. While mapping these organisations is not too difficult, it is much harder to figure out what…  
13. About Us  
Valerie Hindson Doug Hindson Zdravko Miovcic Dr Jörg Meyer-Stamer Scholarship Annelien Cunningham Anke Kaulard Varazdat Karapetyan About us Mesopartner is a knowledge firm that specialises in economic development, competitiveness and innovation.  Our strategic intent is to be globally acknowledged as an innovator in economic development practice. Combining theory, practice and…  
14. Meso Organisational Development  
Mesopartner has done extensive research on this topic.  Visit our Meso Resilience Research page for more information and research outputs. Meso Resilience  
15. Knowledge Resources  
Search Mesopartner Resources Methodologies Publications Mesopartner Knowledge Resources Mesopartner's extensive library of publications, working papers and podcasts can be searched through the 'Search Knowledge Resources' function. This feature filters for your convenience. Alternatively you can simply type the topic you are looking for in the 'Search this site' block in the top section of the…  
16. Contact  
We would like to stay in contact with you. Complete the form below to subscribe to our newsletters and event notifications. Christian Schoen Frank Waeltring Marcus Jenal Shawn Cunningham Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke Annelien Cunningham Contact us  
17. Fees  
Summer Academy Fees The participation fee for the event is €3,150.00 (19% VAT included) for individuals and €3,050.00 (19% VAT included) per person for groups of 3-5 people from the same project or organisation (see details below). The fee includes: Costs of meals Accommodation at Hotel Grenzfall Evening events Local transport during evening events The fee does not include: …  
18. Systemic Change  
Research Resources If you would like to engage us on this research topic, email Marcus Jenal. Publications Podcasts Website What is systemic change, how can we achieve it and how can it be measured? These questions are often asked by our clients, which is why we have set up a research theme on systemic change – or what is sometimes also called transformative systems change. The research is…  
19. Publications  
Other Publications Mesopartner Books Mesopartner Working Papers Mesopartner Annual Reflections Podcasts Mesopartner Publications  
20. Podcasts  
Mesopartner Podcasts Listen to Mesopartner Podcasts on iTunes Listen to Mesopartner Podcasts on Libsyn The Systemic Insight podcast series features interviews with leading thinkers on systems and complexity and its implications for economic development. Innovation Tools Concepts The value chain series Case Studies LED Casts  
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