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148. Mesopartner Annual Reflection 2015  
Mesopartner Annual Reflection 2015 Mesopartner focuses this Annual Reflection on Territorial Economic Development (TED), which is back in the spotlight and is attracting increasing attention. The Annual Reflection draws on our accumulated experience in this field to discuss to what extent the local and regional economic development approach and its methodologies are responding to new…  
149. Territories matter for development  
Territories matter for development People who work in territorial development are strongly inclined to assume that regions are relevant entities for intervention and change. This assumption, however, is questioned by the New Economic Geography, which advocates place-neutral or “space blind” approaches.  
150. Mesopartner Working Paper 15  
Mesopartner Working Paper 15 Revisiting the Hexagon of LED as a framework to strengthen LED initiatives. This document is targeted to trainers and facilitators that use the Hexagon of Local Economic Development (LED) to introduce LED concepts during training events. It is a reflection on the way that we use the Hexagon as a thinking framework that allows participants to broaden their view on LED,…  
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