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Promotion of Technology and Innovation in the Context of “Sustainable Economic Development”  
Technical assistance has a tendency to address technology and innovation in an implicit way, as something that is elementary in creating or strengthening productive sectors and services in latecomer countries. Technology is often addressed in an intuitive way. For sector specialists, it goes…  
Assessing the Applicability of Private Sector Development Instruments in Agricultural Economic Development  
The starting point of this GTZ paper is the observation that private sector development (PSD) and agricultural economic development (AED) have historically been two distinct approaches in development cooperation. Both looked at ways to promote productive development in developing countries. But…  
Knowledge, Technologies and Innovation for Development in the Agenda 2030: Revisiting Germany's Contribution  
A discussion paper by Dr Shawn Cunningham & Frank Waeltring was commissioned by the GIZ Sector project “Development Orientated Trade and Investment Policy and Promotion” on behalf of the BMZ.
We would love to hear your feedback on this discussion paper. It provided us with an opportunity to…
Explore, Scale Up, Move Out: Three Phases to Managing Change under Conditions of Uncertainty  
IDS Bulletin. Private sector development is dominated by the use of ‘good practice’ solutions, driven by a desire of the development donors to control the outcome of development initiatives – with limited success. Bottom-up participatory approaches are more appropriate to find solutions for the…  
Regional Economic Potential Analysis  
In 2006, mesopartner was commissioned by the European Union–Vietnam Private Sector Support Programme (EU-VPSSP) to develop a methodology for Regional Economic Potential Analysis and the supervision of its first application in the three provinces Hai Phong, Da Nang and Can Tho. The aim was to…  
The Guiding principle in SME Promotion: Remedy Market Failure, Enable Markets  
The Guiding principle in SME Promotion: Remedy Market Failure, Enable Markets  
Behind the Myth of the Mittelstand Economy. The Institutional Environment Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Germany  
INEF Report. Project Meso-NRW. North Rhine-Westphalia: Structural Economic Change, Regional Economic and Locational Policy, Ecological Formulation of State Policy - A Survey from the Viewpoint of Advanced Developing Countries  
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