In September 2018 commissioned by the ILO, Christian Schoen was leading a tourism VCA in Hsipaw, Myanmar, with a local team of tourism actors and local government representatives. Hsipaw is a nature and trekking tourist destination in Northern Shan State, attracting almost 30,000 tourists per year, with a clear majority being foreigners. Hsipaw also hosts the residence of the last Shan King, which adds elements of cultural and historical tourism to the destination. The location was literally untouched by donor supported economic development efforts prior to this tourism VCA. Therefore, enthusiasm for change and hunger for cooperation among tourism actors was high. This was very obvious during, but also after the analysis phase. The local VCA team transformed into a tourism action group, is regularly meeting for 'tourism breakfasts' to monitor and newly design activities and is keeping everyone informed through a social media platform. Improving the security situation, reducing the restricted areas, protecting nature and maintaining the appearance of Hsipaw as charming Shan town are pathways to a successful and sustainable future of tourism development.