Scholars, all known academics and personal friends of Jörg Meyer-Stamer, have a prominent role within the Scholarship (see below). Other scholars who feel committed to the research fields and approach of Dr Jörg Meyer-Stamer are warmly invited to join and expand the project.

The role of the scholars is versatile:

  • they collaborate in the design, terms and conditions of the Scholarship;
  • they identify appropriate candidates;
  • they participate in the selection process (together with Mesopartner);
  • they support and supervise research projects from the finding of the topic to delivery of a final research paper, and
  • they participate in events hosted by the Scholarship organisation (i.e. formal presentation of a research paper).

The scholar network consists of the following people: 

Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner
German Environment Agency

Prof. Dr. Peter Knorringa
ISS, Netherlands

Dr. Tilman Altenburg
German Development Institute

Dr. Francisco San Martin
MINKA, Peru  

Lic. Claudio Maggi
University of Concepción

Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger
SEPT, University of Leipzig, Germany

Prof. em. Dr. Hubert Schmitz
Institute of Development Studies Sussex

Prof. Dr. Roberta Rabellotti
Università di Pavia, Italy

Dr. Lizbeth Navas-Alemán
Navas-Aleman & Co., Ltd. / IDS Associate

Prof. Dr. Khalid Nadvi
University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Carlo Pietrobelli
United Nations University, Maastricht Economic
and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology

Prof. Dr. Elisa Giuliani
Università di Pisa



Elvis Melia
Deutsches Institut Fuer Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)

Dr. Corinna Braun-Munzinger
GIZ Eschborn



Prof. Dr. Mario Davide Parrilli
Bournemouth University

Dr. Andreas Stamm
German Development Institute


Dr. Francisco Alburquerque
Red de Desarrollo Territorial de
América Latina y el Caribe (Red Dete)

Dr. Fritz Hinterberger
Sustainable Europe Research Institute
Prof. Andrea Morrison
Universiteit Utrecht

Prof. Enrique Dussel Peters
National Autonomous University of Mexico

André Rodriguez-Pose
London School of Economics and Political Science

Luiza Bazan
Navas-Aleman & Co., Ltd. Associate



Partners: Dr Shawn Cunningham,
Dr Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke 
Christian Schoen
Frank Waeltring
Marcus Jenal