Zdravko lives and works in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. He has a Masters Degree in Management (Solving Development Problems) obtained in 1991. He is the founder and director of Eda - Enterprise Development Agency established in 1998 in Banja Luka as a first sustainable agency focused on economic development in B&H.

Areas of expertise

  • Facilitation of Local and Regional Development Processes in transition economies
  • Local Leadership and Good Governance
  • SME Competitiveness and Public-Private Dialogue
  • Human Resource Management
  • Training Design and Delivery, Facilitation/Moderation


More than twenty years of experience in providing technical assistance to public and private sector clients mostly in the Western Balkans region.

  • 1998 - current: Director of Eda
  • 2002 - current: Assignments in more than twenty international projects in different roles (team leader, key expert, senior expert, national consultant, trainer) predominantly in B&H and Serbia
  • 1997 - 1998: Project Manager in Employment and Training Foundation of Republika Srpska / World Bank's PIU
  • 1992 - 1996: Advisor in the Government
  • 1984 - 1992: Management Specialist and Advisor in FAMOS Sarajevo (industry of diesel engines)

Author and co-author of several books on Decision Making, Local Development, HRM, Local Leadership and Good Governance. Zdravko has recently published two poetry books.

2 results:
Facilitation and change of meso organisations  
This article reflects on selected experiences gained from the project Competitive Regional Economic Development (CREDO) in Krajina, funded by the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) and implemented by Eda.  
Case 12: LED in Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Zdravko Miovcic, director of EDA - Development Agency, Banja Luka, shares experiences and lessons learnt in many years of doing LED in Bosnia and Herzegovina.