June 29, 2018

Mesopartner Annual Reflection 2018

In this annual reflection the reader will find discussions on the roles and relevance of meso organisations in the context of specific concepts, tools and insights from the research and practical experience of Mesopartner. We are using the opportunity to introduce some of our favourite tools and reflect on how far meso organisations are an integral part of them.

Apart from tools, we have looked deeply into specific concepts, and have tried to figure out what they actually mean and how far they can contribute to the understanding and driving of change processes in economic development. This includes the concept of locational policy and its possible varieties, the ever-important concepts of resilience and discontinuous change, the differences between the concepts of Market Systems Development (MSD) and Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P), and the often neglected, but crucially important concept of the meta level in economic development.

Lastly, we will include a few articles of a more practical nature and give hints and tips to development practitioners.


  • How does one introduce Local Economic Development as an approach to economic change in a whole country? 
  • How does one learn and adjust in economic development, but at the same time allow accountability to donors and other stakeholders? 
  • What is and how does one apply the smart specialisation approach, and how is it different from traditional sector and cluster promotion approaches? 
  • How is innovation driven in rural areas and how does it contribute to closing the urban-rural divide? (Mesopartner’s new approach, Smartes Land).

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