The 4th wave of Regional Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

The consortium of two consultancy firms, Mesopartner and SISTME, was commissioned in May 2013 by the Multilateral Investment Funds (MIF) of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) to conduct a thematic study for the preparation of a strategy on Regional Economic Development (RED).

The study cover almost twenty years of experience on the part of the MIF and other organizations in promoting RED all over the LAC region. The experience embraced a first wave of territorialized activities to overcome market failure and promote Business Development Services (BDS), a second wave supporting productive territorial integration and third wave of local economic development initiatives. During prospective research, the consultants figured out together with the MIF staff and other RED practitioners which are the key elements of the future of RED and related promoting activities.

The thematic study was finished and accepted by the MIF Management Team in April 2014. The document is a key input of the future MIF strategy in the thematic area of RED. It is foreseen that the MIF’s new strategy will be finished in July 2014.

In the following Mesopartner and SISTME are happy to share the results with those people who supported the study by contributing with their knowledge and practical help in different areas of the study. The research team would like to say thank you to the whole RED community in Latin America and the Caribbean and in other world regions for their extraordinary support.

You can download the following reports:

Overall study in English

Overall study in Spanish

Country reports:

Argentina (Spanish)

Brazil (Portuguese) FORTHCOMING

Bolivia (Spanish)

Guatemala (Spanish)

México (Spanish)

Peru (Spanish) 

Special Studies:

Institutional Network Analysis (Spanish)

Narrative Sensemaking Analysis (English)

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