The Hexagon of Local Economic Development

The Hexagon is a framework to organise LED training events. It organises the key issues in territorial development around six triangles. Moreover, it is the basis of a number of formats for quick workshops to clarify local stakeholders' perspective at LED.

The Hexagon is the sum of six triangles:

1 The target group of LED: Local firms, start-ups, and external investors

2 Locational factors: Tangible factors, intangible factors relevant for firms and for individuals

3 Synergy: The relationship between economic development, urban / spatial planning and social development

4 Sustainability: Combining economic, ecological and social development

5 Governance: The relationship between the public sector, the private sector, and local communities

6 Process: LED as an iterative process of analysis, action and adjustment

The Hexagon is used by organisations such as InWEnt in their LOCATI LED training programme.