Reducing Red Tape February 17, 2012

By:Shawn Cunningham and Mattia Wegmann

This book is a collaboration between Mattia Wegmann and Shawn Cunningham. It is a practical book on how local stakeholders can identify and ... more

Understanding Market Failures  February 17, 2012

By:Shawn Cunningham

This is the long awaited monograph on Understanding Market Failures in an Economic Development context by Shawn Cunningham more

Mesopartner Annual Reflection 2010 July 15, 2011

Important elements of Mesopartner's reorientation in 2010 are the choice of a new strapline "connect the dots" and the introduction of ... more

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PACA News #13 April 01, 2007

Tourism in Da Nang -- Cutfoliage in Sri Lanka -- Kaliziso, Uganda more

Category: Working Papers

Designing a Regional Development Agency: Options and Choices April 01, 2007

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer

Working Paper 10 more

Promotion of Technology and Innovation in the Context of “Sustainable Economic Development” March 01, 2007

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer

gtz publication more

Linking Value Chain Analysis and the “Making Markets work better for the Poor” Concept February 01, 2007

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer, Frank Wältring

At first glance, the “Making Market Systems Work Better for the Poor” approach (M4P) and the value chain approach appear to be incompatible. However, a closer look reveals that the M4P literature paints a differentiated picture of markets, which is informed by the analysis of real markets, ... more

Category: Case Studies

Regional Economic Potential Analysis February 01, 2007

By:Christian Schoen

A case study from Vietnam

Category: Working Papers

Benchmarking Territorial Competitiveness February 01, 2007

By:Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke

Working Paper 09 more

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PACA News #12 December 01, 2006

PACA network in Indonesia -- Compass -- Cross border issues in SE Europe -- TCI Conference in Lyon more

Making market systems work? For the poor? December 01, 2006

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer

Published in Small Enterprise Development, Vol. 17, December 2006, No. 4 more

Category: Working Papers

Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage (PACA): Launching Local Economic Development Initiatives October 27, 2006

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer

Working Paper 01 (revised version) more

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Category: Working Papers

The Hexagon of Local Economic Development and LED in South Africa October 01, 2006

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer

Working Paper 05 (revised version) more