Mesopartner Annual Reflection 2014  July 28, 2014

Complexity in Economic Development Mesopartner dedicates the Annual Reflection 2014 entirely to complexity thinking and its practical ... more

Mesopartner Anniversary Reflection 2003-2013 July 17, 2013

After a decade of operation as a multi-national micro-enterprise, Mesopartner is proud to announce the celebration of its 10th anniversary. ... more

The Fundamentals of Innovation System Promotion for Development Practitioners August 20, 2012

By:Dr. Shawn Cunningham

This book introduces the fundamental principles of understanding, diagnosing and improving innovation systems. The book is not about innovation ... more

Category: Case Studies

Assessment of impact of the RALIS for the clothing and textiles sector in the Western Cape June 03, 2008

By:John Lawson,Stuart Gottschalk

Category: Annual Reports

mesopartner Annual Report 2007 June 01, 2008

Category: PACA News

PACA News #15 April 01, 2008

Polarity management -- LED Tour to Germany -- Guyana -- Formal transport sector in Vietnam  more

Category: Case Studies

Documentation of the LED Exposure Tour in North Rhine-Westphalia for Experts from South East European Countries December 04, 2007

By:Frank Wältring

Category: Working Papers

Donor Approaches to Local Economic Development in Africa December 01, 2007

By:Doug Hindson

Working Paper 12 more

Category: PACA News

PACA News #14 October 01, 2007

Kaliziso, Uganda -- LED learning event in Macedonia -- Learning -- Consensus vs PACA more

Category: Working Papers

Rapid Appraisal of Local Innovation Systems (RALIS): Assessing and Enhancing Innovation Networks September 08, 2007

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer, Christian Schoen

Working Paper 02 (revised version) more

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Category: Annual Reports

mesopartner Annual Report 2006 June 01, 2007

Assessing the Applicability of Privat Sector Development Instruments in Agricultural Economic Development June 01, 2007

By:Jörg Meyer-Stamer

gtz publication more

Category: Working Papers

The Local Business Environment and Local Economic Development: Comparing Approaches April 27, 2007

By:Doug Hindson, Jörg Meyer-Stamer

Working Paper 11 more