What is a Podcast, and what can you do with it?

A Podcast is an audio programme that you can download from the Internet. You can listen to it at any time -- at home, on the way to work, while you are working out, or at some other time.

We like to listen to Podcasts at times when we would otherwise be mildly bored, for instance while we are travelling (in a car, a train or a plane, sitting on the airport or at the station...).

Technically speaking, what is the most practical way to listen to a Podcast? The easiest options are to run it directly on your computer or to save it to an MP3 player, for instance your iPod. It does not have to be an iPod, though. You can get a memory stick-shaped MP3 player for as little as $30. Also, many cell phones can be used as MP3 players.

If you want to listen to Podcasts while behind the steering wheel of your car, you are lucky if your car stereo has a socket where you can plug in a standard PC audio cable and connect this to your MP3 player. Another option is to get a very small FM sender and send the Podcast from the MP3 player to your car stereo.