The Scholarship aims at carrying on the legacy of the influential academic and development practitioner Dr. Jörg Meyer-Stamer (October 30, 1958 – May 1, 2009).

The legacy of Jörg Meyer-Stamer is still well known in the community of development studies around the world. Together with his academic colleges at the German Development Institute he co-authored the concept of Systemic Competitiveness challenging the then dominating development dogma. It always was his objective to encourage new discussions, to challenge his colleagues and clients to question the status quo, and to look deeper into realities of economic development. He always shared his knowledge and encouraged development practitioners to think lateral, looking out for new horizons. Last but not least, he was a master in applying research insights to practice and vice versa and always keen to get a deeper understanding of the real human and institutional challenges and opportunities for a more inclusive economic development.

Jörg Meyer-Stamer was co-founder of Mesopartner. The Jörg Meyer-Stamer-Scholarship is an initiative of Mesopartner and his academic peers.

Below are some of the research papers from our scholarship recipients.

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This anthology was published for Dr. Jörg Meyer-Stamer's 50 birthday by the partners from Mesopartner, research colleagues and friends just seven months before his sudden death.  It brings together a large variety of articles and comments by development scholars and practitioners from all over the world. The opening article and pivot is a reprint of an influential publication on systemic competitiveness. Based on this concept, the authors are looking back and ahead at various topics related to territorial development, value chain and cluster promotion, innovation and change. The reader will get a deep insight into the academic work and professional personality of Dr. Jörg Meyer-Stamer. This book is an invitation to new debates in the development community.

Link to the book Milestones in a process of innovation, change and development

Podcasts/Interviews with Dr Jörg Meyer-Stamer about his career

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