April 07, 2017

Mesopartner @ Work

Business skills demand assessment in the Tanzanian Service Sector: Matching Industry Demand with Training Supply

Training students in hotel management, catering and food processing within vocational institutes is relatively easy. Doing this in a way that matches the demand of the industry is a challenge. Mesopartner did a skills needs assessment in the service sector in Tanzania. Based on more than 20 interviews with businesses in the catering-, cleaning-, transport- and security sectors, demands for specific skills trainings were identified. 

Many developing countries face the challenge of providing more demand-driven skills. The GIZ and its East African oriented SOGA program promotes value chains that can directly benefit from the expected oil and gas boom in the region. The service sectors mentioned above already have benefited from infrastructure investments and from increasing influx of investors. But the growth of these services also requires a higher number of skilled workers as well as input products.  By promoting new short term courses and matching initiatives, the GIZ seeks to provide targeted support to make sure that local people benefit from the new emerging economic market and income opportunities. The potentials are huge. If they are not used locally, products, quality and people will come from Kenya and other countries leaving Tanzanian people without further benefits.

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