March 10, 2017

Mesopartner @ Work

The Mesopartner Team participated in the 19th TCI Global Conference in Eindhoven, Netherlands, from 8 to 10 November

During the last 10 years Mesopartner provided annually a Seminar in Hanoi at the International Masters Course of Small Enterprise Development (SEPT) of the University of Leipzig. "Local and Regional Economic Development and Competitiveness” is the topic at the Hanoi University of Technology. 14 Vietnamese students took part in the seminar in November 2016. It will be the last class in Hanoi given by Frank Waeltring. It is time to hand it over to other colleagues and to discover new ground. Frank will continue teaching at the University in Leipzig and at the Jacobs-University Bremen on topics like Innovation Economics, Development Economics and the Promotion of Local and Regional Innovation Systems.  Thanks to the colleagues from SEPT for the opportunity to work with you over these years in Hanoi and Ho-Chi Minh-City.Around 400 cluster managers, policy makers and researchers gathered to discuss the challenges for innovation clusters.

The local hosts were Brainport, a development agency leading the structural change in Eindhoven Region, and Wageningen University, a leader in agro-industry research. Both combined in a complementary way the economic reality of this densely populated and intensively used area, which highly competitive in different so called "top sectors".

The conference started with a study tour day. Our Mesopartner team split off and joined two tours: the Agrifood tour and the High Tech tour.

Both tours illustrated the pragmatic and highly innovative approach of collaboration in the Netherlands. We saw a great openness to break up and recombine products, inputs and processes and an extremely productive synergy of scientific research and commercial spirit.

Ulli, Frank, Marcus, and Shawn all made presentations during the Working Day of the conference, and Mesopartner actively participated in many other sessions and work streams during the conference.

Shawn presented on how knowledge in clusters can be leveraged for innovation:

Frank presented on change in cities and spaces

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