March 12, 2018

Mesopartner @ Work

Presentation: evaluation and complexity

Marcus Jenal spent the day with the Big Lottery Fund and a group of evaluators who are running five large evaluations of major BLF programmes in the UK. The evaluators come together regularly to exchange and learn from each other’s experiences. This meeting focused on the topic of evaluation and complexity. Marcus was asked by BLF to set the scene by talking about what complexity is and why it is relevant for evaluation. Afterwards, he engaged with the evaluators and helped them make sense of complexity and the consequences for their evaluations.

In his presentation, Marcus put an emphasis on the fact that not everything is complex. He used Dave Snowden’s Cynefin framework to differentiate between situations that are ordered (obvious or complicated), complex or chaotic. Different evaluation approaches are needed for these different contexts. Read more about the event and download the presentation on Marcus’ personal blog site.

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