November 13, 2017

Mesopartner @ Work

From Central Planning Economic Development Perspectives to Regional Bottom-up Economic Analysis in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is facing the economic and political challenge of promoting more decentralised development in Uzbekistan. For the last 3 years Mesopartner has been supporting the GIZ in the transfer of more decentralised and business- versus planning driven regional economic analysis approaches. Together we have established a Regional Economic Analysis-Course at the National Administration Academy to teach young municipal and regional government officials in the identification of local competitive advantages and support mechanisms based on the methodologies Mesopartner has already applied in many countries. Mesopartner is now supporting the GIZ in the design of an EU financed regional economic development approach identifying and promoting in 2 regions in Uzbekistan concrete regional economic development in initiatives with an implementation-driven approach. The photo shows the leading regional economic development professor at the National Administration Academy, Davron Bekchanow (right) and the GIZ project manager Avaz Pazilov (left).

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