About the trainers

Mesopartner is a knowledge firm that specialises in economic development, competitiveness and innovation. Our strategic intent is to be globally acknowledged as an innovator in economic development practice. Combining theory, practice and reflection, we enable clients to explore options and support decision-making processes. We collaborate with strategic partners to create knowledge on contextually sound economic development.

We operate as a service provider both to development organisations (development agencies, donors, development banks, NGOs, cluster networks and others) and to consultants and consulting firms. Since 2003, the knowledge that we have shared, and the tools that we have developed, have helped development organisations and stakeholders in many developing and transformation countries to conduct territorial and sectoral development in a more effective and efficient way.

Mesopartner offers the knowledge that local actors need to address the challenge of innovation and change. We develop innovative tools based on local and regional economic development, cluster and value chain promotion, strengthening of local innovation systems and related topics. We coach and equip practitioners, and conduct leading-edge learning events for practitioners.

The Mesopartner Team

The Mesopartner team consists of partners and associates spread around the world. In this programme we will draw on this diverse network to deliver content that is applicable to and representative of many different realities.

The trainers are:

Dr Shawn Cunningham

Based in South Africa, working mainly on topics of innovation systems promotion, bottom-up industrial policy and complexity and its use in supporting decision making under conditions of uncertainty

Christian Schoen

Based in Vietnam, working in Asia, mainly on a diverse range of private sector development topics such as regional competitiveness, local economic development, value chain development, enabling environment and green economic development 


Dr Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke

Based in Argentina, working in Latin America and Asia mainly on topics related to territorial development, international trade and quality infrastructure

Frank Waeltring

Based in Germany, working in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East mainly on topics such as value chain promotion, cluster development, rural economic development and innovation


Marcus Jenal

Based in the UK, working internationally on topics such as monitoring and evaluation, programme design and the use of complexity in development cooperation