May 17, 2017

Mesopartner @ Work

Mesopartner organized international IoT-Eco System-Tour in Germany

The internet of things (IoT), often mentioned also as the key ingredient for the 4th industrial revolution, entails many new business model opportunities. Germany is behind in IoT which also opens up business opportunities for developing countries. For the GIZ in Central America, Mesopartner organised a 2 week IoT-Business Matching Tour in Germany (Berlin, Karlsruhe, Düsseldorf) with 20 IT and game industry businesses from Central America. The objective was to understand and get into contact with the German IoT ecosystem. The results were very encouraging: Several IT businesses were able to create concrete business- and cooperation contacts. Based on the concrete insights and contact network that was created, they obtained deep insights into the German IoT status and business culture. One of the entrepreneurs from Costa Rica active in managing Big Data expressed it like this: “We came here to sell our products. And we partly succeeded. But what was more important was to get into concrete networks and communication with humans from businesses and relevant institutions. It is highly valuable to understand the cultural aspects of making businesses in Germany. If you are understand how the human aspect works, you can find many opportunities here, even and especially in regard to IoT!”.  See also the related web site

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