Colin Mitchell

Contact: cm[at]

South African national with a background in finance and strategic management and the developer of the Genesis Programme, an approach and methodology for strategic thinking and dynamic decision making in complex and turbulent environments.


More than twenty years’ private and public sector experience in local and regional development primarily in Africa. The focus is on developing and applying more robust and action learning approaches and methodologies to understand and find creative solutions to the ever-present, and often conflicting, dynamics of social, political, environmental and economic factors that impact on a region or locality's ability to determine and then realise their development potential.

Over the past twenty years, his experience has been mainly in the areas of:

  • The conceptualisation and establishment of regional development agencies.
  • Economic development strategy, scenario crafting and operational planning.
  • Regional Integration (SADC) operational systems, strategy design, planning and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Value chain analysis, development and optimisation.
  • Organisational transformation, change management and personal development and coaching of senior personnel.

Areas of expertise

  • Participatory process design and facilitation of regional development and transformation processes;
  • Action-learning development of regional and territorial strategy and scenario crafting to improve executive and stakeholder decision making.
  • Organic approach and methodology for introducing and giving effect to organisation transformation and executive development.
  • Programme and project evaluation based on outcome mapping and or DAC criteria.